TG1 Platinum/Rose Gold Wedding Set

TG1-set Yellow and Rose GoldI’ve been designing my rings for men, but… there are women that like my rings as well. This is a TG1 set I recently made for a couple in Manhattan- size 8 Platinum center, size 5 Rose Gold center. This design is already challenging to make, but with women’s sizes, the pieces are so small that it’s extremely hard to hold them during machining and assembly. That said- I think they turned out really cool.


  1. Thank you Jeff! That’s our wedding rings on the photo 😀 They are so amazing that we had to order them via Manhattan (since we’re in Ukraine) to receive them in time for our wedding. The machining is so fine that our friends still think that we ordered the from NASA))) We’re extremely pleased!
    Thank you once again!

    • Hi Alex,
      I’m really happy you like them. It’s a pretty cool set you guys have. Only ones on the planet, let alone Ukraine.
      One of my majors in college was Geography, and Ukraine is a pretty large country- what city are you in so I know where to put the pin on my World map?
      Thanks again,

  2. jim barnard says:

    Hi Jeff

    I love the opening clasp ring. Can you make them on a 6mm low domed band ? I am based in England, i hope you ship ? Can you also let me know rough costings

    Many thanks

    • Hi Jim,
      Thanks for your interest. Unfortunately my rings are as narrow and thin as I feel comfortable making them. I’ve made them smaller and just didn’t have confidence in their strength. The pieces simply get too thin. This would probably be okay if it weren’t a wedding ring, but these are to be worn every day for many years. Failure is not an option, as they say.
      But, I do ship to England. I use FedEx Priority and the added shipping costs are approximately $150- U.S. (2 shipments- sample rings and finished ring).
      Please let me know if you have any more questions.

  3. Michael Dumenil says:

    Hi I have an enquiry about shipping. Could you ship to Jakarta Indonesia?


    • Hi Michael,
      Sure, Jakarta is no problem. In the final invoice I add the additional shipping/insurance costs.

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