CP-5 group

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Radius outside/Comfort-Fit inside, Center-Pull, openable, hinged ring.


Main Body 6Al 4V aircraft grade U.S. made Titanium

Fasteners 17-4 hardened stainless steel

Dimensions 7 mm wide, 1.8mm thick

Price as shown $1345.


SIZE It is important that you do your best to get an accurate ring size for the desired finger. Most jewelry stores will gladly provide this service for free. Because my rings tend to be wider than average, ask to be sized using their WIDE ring gauges. If you have large knuckles, you may have to use soapy water to fit the most comfortable one (not loose, not tight). If you aren’t able to get sized properly print out my paper ring sizer and follow instructions (make sure printer scaling is set to “NONE“). This will get your size close. Remember- because my rings all open, you can really achieve the fit that feels great.

YOUR HAPPINESS I want you to be happy with your new ring(s)! Please let me know immediately if that hasn’t happened. If I am somehow unable to make it right and the merchandise is undamaged, I will on a case-by-case basis offer credit or even a full refund. This offer lasts 30 days.

WARRANTY Most jewelers do not offer warranties on their merchandise. I do. My rings are designed to last years. I engineered the mechanisms to be as strong as possible given their miniature size. But… they can break if you subject them to awkward, unnatural stresses like twisting or excessive squeezing. If you treat them with love, and they somehow fail in the first year of ownership, I will do my best to fix them or even offer replacement. If this happens after a year’s time I will attempt to do the same at my current shop rate plus materials.


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