The New “CP” (center-pull activation) Ring

Here’s a quick look at our cool new CP-4 titanium wedding ring ($895). Opens even wider than our TG series. Also available in our Dodecagon shape ($935) and contour/comfort shape ($1345). Available now!

All Rings now available in Titanium or Stainless Steel!

By popular demand! McWhinney Designs is now offering all of our designs in either Titanium (6AlV4) or Stainless Steel (17-4).

Both of these metals are incredibly strong, but there are differences worth considering when deciding which one is best for you.

  • Weight- Titanium is approximately 30% lighter than stainless steel (a subtle, but noticeable difference).
  • Color- Stainless steel is slightly whiter in color relative to titanium’s grayish look. If it is important to match the color of your fiance’s platinum or white gold ring, stainless steel might be a good fit.
  • Magnetism- Unlike titanium, 17-4 stainless steel is slightly magnetic. This is only an issue if you happen to work around strong magnets.
  • Scratch resistance- with the exception of Cobalt rings, all metals will scratch over time. Stainless steel however, will scratch less easily than titanium. With either choice, you can go with the natural patina that develops over time, or restore your ring to its original finish by using the special 3M abrasive/polishing paper provided with every ring.
  • Cost- same for either metal. Please specify preference in “Comments” section during checkout.

Have questions? Give us a call or shoot us an email.

New Product- Wedding Ring Keychain / Wedding Ring Pendant

Where to put your ring while working/playing? Or… Love being married, but don’t like wearing rings? Here is a solution- our new RingClip. Works as a keychain, or… worn on a chain or leather/cord necklace as pendant. Check it out! Available in Titanium and Stainless. Fits most wedding bands (or we will make more sizes). $129 pendant clip (necklace not included), $119 keychain clip.

Wedding Ring Keychain / Pendant

Wedding Ring Keychain / Pendant

Upsizing a Cartier Classic Watch



I’m not a major “Watch Guy”, but have always admired the classic, but industrial look of Cartier’s Santos watches. They have a pretty cool history dating back to 1904 when aviation pioneer Alberto Santos-Dumont asked his friend Louis Cartier for a watch he could easily access when flying. At the time, most men used pocket watches (wristwatches were considered feminine and worn mostly by women). The Santos changed that. A bit of history here- Cartier Santos

New Hinged Wedding Ring- the TG5

TG-5_groupHot off the CNC mill- the new TG5 design! This ring is essentially my popular TG4 , but with a “Comfort Fit” radius inside and smooth radius outside. $1225-. VERY comfortable to wear, check it out-

New TG2 Titanium/Stainless option

Recently a customer requested a TG2 ring without accent metal- just titanium, using stainless steel fasteners (mediocre iphone photos attached). I thought it might be boring, but he and I agree it’s pretty cool. And, much less time consuming to make. I’ve decided to offer it as a TG2 option. Price $1550.
071 073 074

TG-3 Ring on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

I get some really nice thank you letters from customers, but this one from Shane and Melissa (New Orleans) is pretty cool.
Machu Picchu Rings Jeff-
Here’s a picture as promised (I have another pic or two but have yet to find them – somewhere hidden in the 3700 pics Melissa took, lol). The ring is incredible – superseded my expectation, fits my personality perfectly, and people are literally in awe when they see it.
Thank you, again, for the incredible service, attention to detail and personable experience we received. It was a true pleasure on our part. . .
Shane & Melissa

TG1 Platinum/Rose Gold Wedding Set

TG1-set Yellow and Rose GoldI’ve been designing my rings for men, but… there are women that like my rings as well. This is a TG1 set I recently made for a couple in Manhattan- size 8 Platinum center, size 5 Rose Gold center. This design is already challenging to make, but with women’s sizes, the pieces are so small that it’s extremely hard to hold them during machining and assembly. That said- I think they turned out really cool.

Test Rings for All!

5 FINGEROur customers tend to fall into two different groups:

    1. Guys getting married that have never worn a wedding ring (or any jewelry for that matter).
    2. Guys that are already married and are upgrading or replacing their original wedding ring.

In either case, proper sizing can be really challenging- jewelry store ring sizers, paper sizers etc… won’t let you know how your wedding ring feels throughout your day/week. So… in order for you the customer to really know what you are getting into and to really nail proper size the first time, every ring ordered will begin with you being mailed a test set of 5 rings- the size the store said you need, and two 1/2 size smaller and two 1/2 size larger.

When you get your test rings, try them out for a while. People’s fingers shrink and swell a bit throughout their day due to exercise and hydration. Try to find the ring that feels best during this range- not constrictive, but not sloppy. Sliced RingIf you have large knuckles, use the included razor blade and carefully cut ring as in picture. Use included Steri-Strip to close (important). Once you feel really good about “the one”, email us your results. Important- we now make all of our rings in 1/4 sizes, so if you feel you are between 1/2 sizes just let us know.Steri-Strip




Entrepreneur Magazine Writeup!

titanium wedding ringsBand of BrothersCheck out April 2014 Entrepreneur Magazine to see my men’s wedding bands featured. Did you know Entrepreneur is the largest circulation Business Magazine in the world? I do now.

Click here to read the article.