McWhinney Designs has Expanded!

Pictured below is my star employee Trevor Hirschi and his wife Emily. Trevor has a background in machining, engineering and design, and has spent the last year training with me and helping improve my process. As a result of his experience, hard work, good ideas and attention to detail, we are now producing the finest rings we’ve ever made! He made the most of his time in the San Francisco Bay Area, but Trevor’s true love is back home in Utah with his family and friends where he and Emily will raise the child they are now expecting. Rather than lose someone this wonderful, we worked out an arrangement whereby he took our new Haas CNC mill, and much other equipment, and set up shop in a brand new building his father created just for him. Our new arrangement will have Trevor making our rings in his new space- freeing me up to design and prototype new product ideas back here in California. Please join me in wishing Trevor and Emily the best of luck in this new chapter of their life.


Trevor and Emily Hirschi

Trevor and Emily Hirschi


  1. Congrats Trevor & Emily!

  2. Cute photo! Congrats to Trevor and Emily on the new addition(s)!

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