How to Purchase

Because our rings are not re-sizable, it is important to get your size right. Here is how we do it.

Step 1  Get sized at any jewelry store (preferably with a wide ring sizeror print out our paper ring sizer and follow instructions (make sure printer scaling is set to “NONE“). This will get your size close.

Step 2 – Complete purchase via PayPal. Include size and any other important details in “Comments” section (e.g.; wedding or “need by” date).

5 FINGER ring sizers

Step 3  We will mail you five black Delrin plastic sizing rings -the size ordered, plus two 1/2  size smaller and two 1/2 size larger (for example- size 9 order receives sizes 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5 and 10) . These are non functional, but if necessary, can be cut open (with provided razor blade) to fit over your knuckle. Wear them for as long as necessary (take your time!) until you find the one that is most comfortable to wear throughout the day (not tight, not loose).

Step 4  Once you gain confidence in your ring size, email us your results. We now make all our rings in 1/4 sizes, so if between sizes, just let us know. We do not stock rings. We will begin making your ring on a first come, first served basis (from order date). Dependent on workload, we will make every attempt to get your ring completed within a 3-4 week time frame (after size established). If you have an impending wedding, we’ll try even harder.

Step 5  If you ordered one of our custom TG1, TG2 or JJ1 rings, we will send you a PayPal invoice for balance as your ring approaches completion.



The Extras

International Customers

We happily ship to non-U.S. customers. During PayPal checkout, $138 U.S. will be added to your order to cover added shipping costs. Typically this is enough for most International orders, but if shipping to your country is greater than $138-, we will send you a PayPal invoice for the difference. We use US Postal Service Priority International to send sizing rings, Priority FedEx International for insured, completed ring.

Please be aware! it is the customer’s responsibility to pay any Taxes and Import Duties their country might charge upon receipt of ring shipment. Description and value of shipment is included on the Commercial Invoice accompanying all International Shipments. Sometimes these costs are high, so make sure to check your country before ordering! You can use this calculator to get an estimate- Tax and Import Duty Calculator

California Customers

State law requires us to charge 7.5% sales tax for all orders shipped to a California address.

Your happiness

We want you to be happy with your new ring(s)!  For non-custom rings, there is a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee if rings are returned in new condition (TG3, TG4, TG5, CP3, CP4 and CP5 ONLY). Customer pays for shipping.


Most jewelers do not offer warranties on their merchandise. We do. Our rings are designed to last years. We engineered the mechanisms to be as strong as possible given their miniature size. But… they can break if you subject them to awkward, unnatural stresses like twisting or excessive squeezing. If you treat them with love, and they somehow fail in the first 2 years of ownership, we will do our best to fix them or even offer replacement. If this happens after 2 year’s time we will attempt to do the same at our current shop rate plus materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

– Why have a wedding ring that opens? Answer- Most knuckles are a larger diameter than the area where your ring sits (if there has been an injury or some arthritis, the difference can be large). A hinged ring easily slips over the knuckle and allows you to own a properly fitting (and comfortable) ring- not tight, not loose. It also makes it easy to remove your ring prior to sports, work, washing hands, showering and sleep.

– Do you have your rings in any stores? Answer- Sorry, no. We currently sell Internet Direct Only. If you are able to visit the San Francisco Bay Area, we welcome visits to our studio.

Can you engrave my ring? Answer- we suggest our customers have it done locally. This ensures we don’t engrave a ring that needs to be returned for some reason. Most better jewelry stores have a competent engraver (or work with one) that is familiar working with titanium. Price is usually quite reasonable. If you can’t find one nearby, we have someone in San Francisco we can use.

– My ring size is a “9”, but my knuckle is so big only a 10 1/2 will slide over it. Will your ring open wide enough? Answer- probably, but we won’t know for sure until you try an actual ring (because rings don’t open in a perfect circle, the open position does not correlate accurately to an existing ring size).

Are your rings safety rings? Answer- No! One of the main purposes of the latch mechanism is to allow you to easily take your ring off before you do anything potentially dangerous. If you really want a ring that can be worn at all times, consider one of the many silicone rings being sold today.

– I prefer a smaller band. Can you make your rings narrower? Answer- Maybe, ask. It depends on the size (typically size 8 and below). For larger sizes, the mechanism pieces become too weak.

– Can you make my ring out of precious metal? Answer- Gold is too soft for the mechanism pieces. Platinum… maybe. But, we machine our rings from solid titanium billet (approximately 10 x 25 x 75mm). To start with an equivalent sized piece of platinum would be about $20k. Platinum is not fun to machine (really hard, yet gummy), but we would love to try. Please contact us if interested.

– Can you make my ring black (or some other color)? Answer- Sorry no. One of the qualities that makes Titanium so great (high resistance to chemicals) is also what make it so hard to color via plating, anodizing and vapor deposition. The metal can be colored, but the color will not stand up to the daily use of a wedding ring. There is a company that has a proprietary alloy of titanium they call Black-Ti, but they do not make it available to outside manufacturers.

I have an idea for a ring or would like mine a bit different from what you offer. Do you make custom rings? Answer- never hurts to ask. We like trying new ideas!

Still have questions? Please feel free to call or write.

– Jeff McWhinney